The Ultimate Guide to Using Icons in Notion

The Notion has become an indispensable tool for productivity, combining note-taking, task management, and database maintenance in one versatile platform. At the heart of this functionality are Notion icons, which enhance navigation and personalization of your workspace.

Benefits of Using Notion Icons

Incorporating Notion icons offers several key advantages:

  • Visual Clarity: Icons provide a quick visual reference, making it easy to identify content at a glance.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Customizing Notion icons helps tailor your workspace to your personal or brand style.
  • Efficiency: With intuitive icons, your workflow becomes faster and more streamlined.

notion icons


Types of Notion Icons

Users can choose from a variety of Notion icons to enhance their experience:

  • Built-in Icons: Notion comes equipped with a default set of icons that users can apply to any page or database.
  • Custom Icons: For a more personalized touch, users can upload their own icons in formats like PNG or SVG.
  • Third-party Icons: Platforms like Icons8 offer extensive libraries of professional icons that integrate seamlessly with Notion, providing a broader range of stylistic choices.

How to Add and Customize Notion Icons

To utilize Notion icons effectively, follow these simple steps:

  1. Adding Icons: Click the default icon next to a page title to open the icon menu, where you can select from built-in options or upload your own.
  2. Customizing Icons: You can change the icon of your page or database by clicking the existing icon and choosing a new one from the menu or your uploaded files.
  3. Best Practices: Choose icons that are clear and distinct even at smaller sizes to maintain an organized look.

Designing Custom Notion Icons

If you opt to create your own Notion icons, consider the following:

  • Tools for Creation: Use graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator for precision, or accessible online tools like Icons8.
  • Design Principles: Focus on simplicity and recognizability. Your icons should convey their meaning quickly and clearly.
  • Optimizing Icons: Save your icons in a web-friendly format like PNG or SVG to ensure they display well in Notion.

notion icons

Organizing Your Workspace with Notion Icons

Effective use of Notion icons can transform your organizational system:

  • Categorization: Use specific icons for different types of pages or databases to aid in identification.
  • Status Indicators: Implement icons that denote task progress or project phases.
  • Real Examples: Include case studies or examples where Notion icons have effectively improved workflow and aesthetics.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Notion Icons

Even with great design, sometimes you might encounter issues:

  • Visibility Problems: Ensure icons have sufficient contrast with the background.
  • Sizing Issues: Adjust the size of your icons if they are not displaying correctly.
  • Updating Icons: Keep your workspace fresh and relevant by periodically updating your icons.


Notion icons are more than just visual aids; they are integral tools that enhance both the functionality and the appearance of your workspace. Whether using built-in options, custom designs, or third-party resources like Icons8, the right Notion icons can make your experience more productive and personalized. Explore, experiment, and find the icons that best suit your workflow to fully leverage Notion’s capabilities.

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